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My crazy GF likes to walk absolutely nude at home. Sure I get used, but sometimes when I see her perfect young body I can’t control myself and take her right there where I met her. That time it happened in hall right on the floor. I believe my GF gets horny when she’s nude too, as every time I bang her she has very juicy pussy. I even think it’s feromones in her juices which make me so eager to fuck Nicky. Check it next time and you enjoy this crazy fuck video of me.

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Night vision option looks very weird on video. It’s associated with some kind of home sex tapes like Paris, Britney’s and so on. That’s why I like to make such movies, they look like they’re illegal or something and it makes me and my GF so horny. Look how Nicky is horny when she sucks my cock, she inserts a finger in her wet pussy as she wants to get banged ASAP.

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I could never decide which view of Nicky I enjoy the most when we have sex. On the front she’s amazing with pretty face, cute titties and those eyes full of lust, and the rear is as hot with her yummy ass and sexy curves. This time though I had the fullest view when we got down and dirty right in front of a big mirror, Nicky’s legs wrapped around me and her wet pussy riding up and down my fully erect cock. Spontaneous sex rocks, fellas!

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Nicky and I we both love autumn and often go on short trips to enjoy the views and make some photos out there. This time though Nicky had something more than just a walk in a forest on her mind and started teasing me right on the road playfully flashing her titties. That’s when the call of nature took us to the woods for a great fuck and it was kinda cool banging my gf with cars passing by some 30 feet from us.

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My girlfriend loves it when I take control and get on top of her with my big cock in her face leaving her no other choice but to suck it. You know them chicks get so horny when you make ’em feel helpless and just take ’em without asking for a permission. That kind of sex makes Nicky cum so hard and squeeze my cock inside of her pussy like she wants it there forever. Awesome!